How ArmorVax Works

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Schedule on your time.

Life is busy, so schedule your vaccination when it works best for you.

Contactless Check-In.

A personalized QR Code for scanning when you arrive offers a contactless and quicker check-in.


From the convenience of your living room, office, or sporting event, you can locate a provider, schedule your vaccination appointment and input your information.

Tracking done for you.

No need to worry about where your immunization records are, when your vaccination was administered, or which provider administered the vaccine. ArmorVax tracks all of your vaccine records and stores it for when you need it later.


ArmorVax offers:

ArmorVax gives you the control you have always wanted with your vaccinations. Streamlining a process that involved calling your vaccine provider, scheduling your appointment, and completing multiple forms can now be done in a single application in a matter of minutes.


  • Convenient time and location scheduling
  • Retains Health Insurance Information
  • Household/family immunization tracking
  • Contactless check-in
  • Confirmation of immunization with detailed records

Vaccine Providers

  • Online scheduling and payment processing
  • Reduced staff time for data entry
  • Customized pre-screening and patient consent questions
  • Daily download of records for importing to EMR

ArmorVax removes the extra steps and added stress and replaces it with convenience and confidence.

Daily Downloadable Records.

ArmorVax allows you to locate a vaccine provider and schedule an appointment when and where it works best for you. It also gives the patient the ability to answer the consent and check-in questions prior to scheduling and arriving for the immunization. In the comfort of your office, home or vehicle, ArmorVax is all about convenience.

How it Works

Using the ArmorVax App is Easy!

Step 1: Create or Sign-In to ArmorVax Account

New to ArmorVax? Signing up is easy. Follow the prompts and create your account today. An account is required to generate your personalized QR Code for easy identification and to keep a record of your vaccination history.

Step 2: Select the Type of Vaccination

Select the specific vaccination you need to have administered.

Step 3: Search and Select a Provider

The map of available providers will auto-populate based on your location, allowing you to select a medical provider closest to you.

Step 4: Schedule an Appointment

After choosing a provider, select the time that works best for you. Follow the prompts and upon completion, you will receive a confirmation message with appointment details.

Step 5: Scan QR Code for Vaccination

Once you arrive at your selected location, open the ArmorVax app and show your QR Code to the clinician for your requested vaccination.

Step 6: Immunization Record

After your appointment, the details of your vaccination will be saved in your ArmorVax account to view at any time.

Ready to get started:

Using ArmorVax is easy. Simply download the app, create an account and choose from a list of the nearest providers.

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