Easy to use

Your vaccination process has never been easier!

Our fully integrated suite of tools stores you and your families’ immunization records and connects you with vaccine providers near you. Using ArmorVax is easy. Simply download the app, create an account and choose from a list of the nearest providers. The convenience continues with selecting your desired vaccination and scheduling a time that works best for you. A confirmation email will be sent with appointment details. After the vaccination is complete, you’ll see a record of your immunization in your ArmorVax account.

Medical providers, say goodbye to long lines, stacks of paperwork, and added hours of data entry. ArmorVax collects all required medical information from the patient directly and verifies it upon arrival. At the end of the day, all vaccination records are downloaded and sent to the required registry for tracking.

Why ArmorVax

The Future of Vaccines


ArmorVax takes the hassle out of locating and scheduling your vaccine so you can spend more time living life! No matter where you’re located, ArmorVax will find a provider near you with a list of appointment times to choose from.


ArmorVax reduces the number of steps in the vaccination process, taking away the headache for medical providers and their staff by collecting patient information directly when setting up their account, providing customized pre-screening questions, and a downloadable batch file to easily import into the State Immunization Registry.

Easy & Reliable

It’s never been easier to track your immunizations. Once you create an account, your vaccination records will be available at any time with the details you need at the press of a button.

Contactless Check-In

A personalized QR Code for scanning when you arrive offers a contactless and quicker check-in.