About Us

ArmorVax was developed from the mindset of “there has to be a better way.” And there is! With the continued advancements in technology, the team at ArmorVax began building an immunization app to modernize the vaccination process.

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A fully integrated suite of tools to streamline the vaccination process.

Bridge the gap.

The ArmorVax app aims to bridge the gap between providers, patients and administrators by integrating with existing healthcare software.

Contactless Check-In.

A personalized QR Code for scanning when you arrive offers a contactless and quicker check-in.

Customizable Care.

ArmorVax allows for customized pre-screening questions, making it easy for the vaccine provider to collect any information that they need prior to administering the vaccine.

Dynamic Efficiency.

Building upon efficiency, accuracy, and innovation, ArmorVax streamlines the process so more immunizations can be administered in a shorter amount of time.


Supporting communities by connecting consumers with vaccines when they need it most.

Created with the end-user in mind, ArmorVax brings efficiency and accuracy to the immunization process for both consumers and medical providers. Consumers can download the immunization app, locate a vaccine provider and schedule their immunization at a time that is most convenient for them. Following the vaccinations, patient immunization records will be stored in their own secure ArmorVax account for future reference.

Medical providers will verify user information, administer the vaccinations and provide required information to the State Immunization Registry or electronic medical record (EMR). 

The ArmorVax app was developed by the team at RB Medical Supply to support communities through the next phase of our adaptation to “the new normal”.